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We are accountable.

A fact that is often overlooked by contractors is that as construction managers, we hold the ultimate responsibility for the success or failure of a project. As the entity legally and ethically responsible for planning, coordinating, and controlling the project from beginning to completion, we take every detail very seriously. After all, we’re the worry-free contractors, and our clients hold us accountable to that promise. The following are some steps we follow to ensure worry-free project delivery.

Project Planning

We’ll start with the work breakdown structure and determine the project requirements and scope. Then we move the planning forward by preparing schedules and determining critical paths (dependencies that can bottleneck the project). During this phase, we determine equipment, material, and human resources, and select the best construction methods for the project.

Coordination Process

Construction a complex process. It is based on well-established engineering fundamentals, but the complexity of coordinating the integration of hundreds or perhaps even thousands of components from several disciplines and large teams increase the chance for things going wrong. We coordinate all parts and continuously confirm that the work meets the required specifications and that no single part will cause a delay to another.

Shop Drawings and Submittals

Detailed shop drawings are always presented to the Project Manager or the client’s representative for approval. When something in the drawings are specifications isn’t clear, we’ll send an RFI (Request for Information) before proceeding. In areas requiring client approvals for materials or specifications, such as the final paint color or a window frame, we’ll present a submittal with a sample and detailed specifications for approval.

Change Orders

A Change Order or a Variation Order is a document detailing changes that are outside the original scope and requires approval from the client to proceed. When a client decides that an earlier design decision is not ideal and requests a change, we’ll calculate the price variation in detail and send the document over for approval.

Quality Control / Quality Assurance

Every project, regardless of its size, has a team member assigned to assure quality compliance and sign-off for the work before moving to the next part.  We always work to improve through a constant review of our systems and by compiling a “lessons learned” archive. We deliver our service with high quality, excellent reliability, cost effectiveness, in a timely manner.

Health, Safety, and the Environment

We maintain a safe work environment by applying environmentally friendly and safe work practices. We’ve implemented international standards in both environmental management and workplace safety and health (namely, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001) and we are audited to ensure compliance every year.

Control and Reporting

Planning, Coordination and Control are highly integrated processes. That’s why we utilize technology to the fullest. Using cloud-based software, we are able to monitor progress and ensure that a project is on schedule. Site reports are updated daily, not weekly or monthly, and by the hour. We’re able to intervene immediately when a problem occurs (and this is more common than not in construction), not days after the problem occurs. Clients can get access to monitor the progress of their project in real-time.

Commissioning and Project Closeout

This is one of the most neglected parts of construction. In our field of work imperfections are common. We walk with our client’s representative during the testing and commission stage and take note of all imperfections or changes and we create a Closeout List. Our team works on those final points to ensure that our customer is fully satisfied and worry-free.

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