Aligning Action and Values

We don’t believe in the traditional mission and vision statements. They’re usually meaningless phrases that only make sense to their author and translate to very little on the ground. We believe that actions speak louder than words, that one leads by example not by words. Nevertheless, we’ve established a list of enduring principles that guide our actions.

“Focus on building something great, not on making money.”

Business Principles:

  1. Focus on building something great, not on making money. When we create value for our customers, they will happily compensate for our expertise and efforts and they’ll give us more business.
  2. Invest always and above all in the people. The construction business relies heavily on the human factor. We strive to attract the best talent we can afford and to continuously invest in improving the skills and talents of our team.
  3. Reward performance based on merit not on tenure. We like the word “meritocracy.” It embodies a large part of what we stand for. We believe in fair compensation based on performance and value creation.
  4. Harbor a culture of cooperation and camaraderie. A house divided cannot stand. We are stronger as a team. We stand together as one to achieve our objectives, and we do not engage in office politics.
  5. Discipline and focus, not uncontrolled speed, is the key to growth. We seek disciplined and specialized growth. We’re careful not to extend beyond our ability to preserve profitability and preserve the Falcon culture.