Let me tell you a little bit about us.

We’re a small design / build contractor located on the red-sea coastal city of Jeddah. We are builders.  We don’t just want to build things, we strive to provide an exceptional worry-free experience to our customers. we want to deliver unique, efficient, and technologically advanced projects that stand the test of time. We work closely on informing our customers about the long-term savings of doing the job properly the first time with preventive maintenance planned from the beginning. It requires accurate engineering, detail-oriented project management, and timely inter-communication.
That is how we provide Worry-Free Construction.

And a little bit about what we do.

Founded in 2011, we entered the construction industry with the intention of becoming a prominent contributor in the building construction sector. The path for a small business is always steep and obstacles prove more challenging and humbling than one would initially imagine. Yet we persevered and we grew. Today, we are proud to have worked with some of the Kingdom’s most prominent entities, both commercial and governmental.