The Master Plan

The desert skyline in the north west of Saudi Arabia is set to be transformed by the construction of a giant, futuristic metropolis. Building has started on Neom, the physical manifestation of a vision that is at the cutting edge of modern technology. Life in the city promises to be a fantastic mix of sustainability and social enterprise, along with the most advanced gadgetry and conveniences. Citizens will be served by driverless cars and have entertainment at their fingertips. Artificial intelligence and automated communication systems will run a city that is built around imagination and ambition. Digital transactions will be easy and accurate, making cash unnecessary. Deliveries will drop from drones in the sky and all manner of information will be accessible to all.


A colossal area of untouched land in the north west of Saudi Arabia will be used for construction. It covers 26500 square kilometers (that’s 6 times larger than Dubai) and includes territory from within the Jordanian and Egyptian borders. The city will form an independent zone with its own regulations.
Neom will effectively be built at the crossroads of the world, in a strategic location amidst one of the planet’s most significant arteries for trade. This promises to fuel massive growth and maintain a vibrant, robust economy. It will also attract professional talent from around the globe, bringing knowledge, expertise and innovation to the city.
It’s a fantastic location, both geographically and climatologically. The terrain is varied and interesting with mountains providing shelter and the Red Sea coast ensuring a cooling sea breeze. This will give the city a comfortable Mediterranean climate, making living conditions idyllic and promoting leisure and entertainment in the outdoors. Professionals who are attracted to the economic hub of Neom will also be able to find fulfilment and happiness in their home lives, ensuring a modern, sustainable society.


Perhaps the most inspiring aspect of Neom will be in its use of energy. A true smart city, it will utilize electricity for everything from transportation to entertainment and communication. Astonishingly, all of this power is set to be generated from renewable resources. This will make Neom the largest city in the world to be entirely fueled by ‘green’ energy. Enormous fields of solar panels will provide the majority of power, but wind turbines are also going to be used as well. This low-cost regenerative energy will ensure that pollution levels in the city remain incredibly low and air quality pristine. Buildings will remain clean and untainted by emissions and it will be a healthy environment for living.


Neom is set to redefine what urban entertainment really means. Shopping experiences will be interactive and convenient. All manner of sports will be accessible to all and technology will take entertainment to the next level, with virtual reality experiences and games around every corner. Additionally, the world’s largest garden will be constructed in the center of the city for all to enjoy.

The Ultimate Home and Destination

Neom will combine nature and technology on a scale that the world has never seen. The city will form a blueprint for urban development throughout the rest of the world. It’s this proposed mix of cutting edge innovation and abundant natural splendor that will really set Neom apart.